Is Serena Williams coming back? Hints she could pull a Tom Brady (WATCH)


Serena Williams has hinted that she could pull a Tom Brady and announce a return to tennis.  Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, retired at the age of 44 after the 2021 NFL season.  40 days later, Brady announced his return to the NFL.  Brady, who has turned 45 since un-retiring, made NFL history this past Sunday after becoming the oldest quarterback to start and win an NFL game.  Williams, 40, who retired after this year's US Open, says Brady "started an amazing trend." “Tom Brady started an amazing trend. That’s what I want to say," Williams said on The Tonight Show. “Tom Brady started an amazing trend. That’s what I want to say.” -@serenawilliams on the future of her tennis career and retirement. #FallonTonight — The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) September 14, 2022 Williams didn't completely shut the door on playing beyond the US Open Following her US Open third round defeat, Williams was asked whether there were any plans to play again in the future. Williams noted that she felt that she could still play, but added there were other things she would like to explore. “I don’t know. I’m not thinking about that,” Williams answered. “I always did love Australia, though (smiling). But you know what, I’ve come a long way since last year at Wimbledon. Just not sure if that was my last moment or not. Making it a different moment I think is much better. It takes a lot of work to get here. Clearly I’m still capable. It takes a lot more than that. I’m ready to be a mom, explore a different version of Serena. Technically in the world I’m still super young, so I want to have a little bit of a life while I’m still walking.” In her retirement message, Williams said she would like to focus on her family and business.  Williams, who became a mother for the first time in 2017, revealed in a piece for Vogue that she and her husband would like to welcome a second child in the near future.