Mats Wilander: "Serena Williams has crossed the boundaries of sport"


All the sports stars have paid tribute to Serena Williams these days. Speaking to Eurosport, Mats Wilander highlighted the enormous impact of the US star. He explained: "Serena has meant a great deal not only for the world of sport, but also for the United States in general. She has taken women's tennis to a completely different level, pushing the boundaries of the sport. We will remember her above all for her fighting spirit. She has never given up, indeed she has always reacted in the face of adversity. She, too, during her last game of hers literally refused to give up. She obviously didn't want to lose, but she never fell into despair. You have kept the right balance. She gave the fans hope that she could win the US Open, even if she wasn't what she really cared about. They were all over the moon because they were admiring Serena for the last time. If she really leaves tennis, it was an incredible ending." Barbara Schett also expressed her opinion on the subject: "I still find it hard to believe that Serena's era is over. We can only thank her and wish her the best for the future." Serena Williams' retirement With the elimination in the third round of the US Open, Serena Williams' career is officially over. Although she failed to match Margaret Court's 24 Slams, experts have no doubt that the American legend is the greatest ever. The former WTA number 1 has taken women's tennis to another level, making millions fall in love in every corner of the planet. The last two seasons have been quite troubled for Serena, that she has not been able to compete at the highest level due to her age and increasingly frequent physical problems. The desire to spend more time with her family and the willingness to devote herself to other projects of hers pushed her to this very painful decision. The 23-time Grand Slam champion gave herself a beautiful farewell at Arthur Ashe Stadium, despite the fact that the ending was not what she hoped for. At a press conference, Williams confided that she would like to stay in touch with the world of tennis in a different guise.