Novak Djokovic no limits: "I could win 4 Slams and the Olympics"

Novak Djokovic jokingly says that he can do even better than in 2023 and, in next season, win all 4 Slams and the Paris Olympics. He says it jokingly, laughing, but only up to a certain point. Because Nole knows that will be his real big goal for next season. Perhaps 2024 could really be the last year in which Djokovic will be able to reach this historic milestone. "Is it possible to do better than this? I could win four Slams and the Olympics next year!" Novak Djokovic jokes but not too much when they ask him the secret to his successes. Nobody has won more Slams, more ATP Masters 1000s and more ATP Finals than him. But all this may not be enough to fill that atavistic void in the belly that only great champions have. A void that the tournaments and money obtained in his career only partially fill. The empty part is reserved for what is to come. Djokovic is always looking for new motivations, new goals to achieve and dreams to chase. Perhaps this is what makes him special and different from others: the desire to always improve and add new pieces to his already rich baggage. In 2024, with the Olympics as the backdrop to a busy season, Djokovic's hope is precisely to leave Paris with the gold medal: the only goal that is not yet part of his personal collection.

And the words after the match in Turin leave no doubt about jokes and jokes

"I always have very high ambitions and motivations. Things will be no different in 2024. My body responds well, it listens to me, and I have a great team around me. The motivation, especially when I play the biggest tournaments, is still there. It inspires me to keep going. People ultimately see you competing in big events and don't pay attention to all the weeks and months you work hard to get into top shape. I want to express my best tennis in the Grand Slam tournaments and at the Finals," explained Djokovic at the press conference. "Next year I hope to do it at the Olympics too. The mentality is always the same. I don't know if I will be able to have a season as good as this one in 2024, but I will try to keep my motivation high. The Olympics represent the most important objective together with the four Slams. I will have to talk to my team to plan preparation, training; so I can play my best tennis wherever I want," he then said.