Serena Williams' former coach has no more words for Novak Djokovic: "That's insane!"

With the victory at the US Open, world number one Novak Djokovic, if it were still possible, managed to consecrate and legitimize himself as the undisputed GOAT of this sport.

Three Slams out of four and one lost only in the fifth set final of Wimbledon against the very young talent Carlos Alcaraz; the Spaniard tried to put a spoke in his wheels but Nole's dominance on the circuit appeared unchallenged and, despite being 36 years old, Djokovic is still the absolute protagonist of these sports.

Former Serena Williams' coach Rennae Stubbs highlighted the Serbian champion's dominance, in relation to Nole's age.

Speaking to Caitlin Thompson for an episode of The Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast, she said: "I think physically that was probably as taxing as you get. Beating Alcaraz in a best of five sets and that match was absolutely phenomenal. Medvedev's tennis in that match was unreal.

You know when Alcaraz comes in and against a lot of these guys, they're just not able to pass him like Medvedev is… he's 20 feet behind the baseline, can still find the angle. I think he got the better of Alcaraz 'cause he was just better under pressure from Alcaraz coming in.

Whereas Novak's patience level is off the charts. He just waits and waits and waits and doesn't panic, doesn't get too overrode by the situation clearly because he's 36th. I think he's played 36 Grand Slam finals. I mean that's fuc king insane. There are players who have had great careers and have not played in 36 Grand Slams."

Rafter talkes about Novak Djokovic

Former tennis star Pat Rafter, winner of the US Open, spoke to The West Australian and revealed his feelings about the Serbian tennis player: "For me with 24 Grand Slam titles we can say that it is clear that he is the GOAT, it is clear that Nole is the best of all time. From records to precedents with victories and defeats against the greats of his time."

Rafter referred to Djokovic's precedents against Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and in both cases Djokovic has the advantage in head-to-head matches (30-29 over the Spaniard and 27-23 over the Swiss - ed.).